Did you ever think that our posture, the chairs we sit in and our sedentary lifestyles could set up the conditions that make us all susceptible to episodes of low back pain? This video will explain how these are all interconnected and show you how they can lead to developing long lasting low back pain. If you are currently suffering from low back pain, understanding these connections will relieve you of some of the agony of low back pain that comes from not understanding how it happened to you in the first place and why it seems to persist no matter what you try to to do about it. This video is presented by a basic scientist who has spent most of his career studying pain pathways at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Here is what you will come away with if you watch this video: An understanding of what a normal, healthy posture looks like compared to a posture that has been deformed by sitting in poorly designed chairs that is part of living a sedentary lifestyle. An appreciation of how postural deformations change how low back muscles and abdominal muscles function and how these changes make you susceptible to low back pain episodes. What early postural deformities can lead to if they are not corrected. What you can do to return changed low back and abdominal muscles to their normal, healthy state and reduce their susceptibility to low back pain.

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