The goal of this website is to provide you with the scientific information and techniques you will need to confront your chronic pain. It will provide explanations about what takes place inside of muscles, nerves, the spinal cord and brain when chronic pain is present. It will offer explanations about why chronic pain affects so many of us, how to avoid recurrences and the role that our sedentary life styles play in setting up the conditions that lead to chronic pain.

It will teach you about the muscles that have been impacted so that you can help yourself. It will teach you about the major scientific underpinnings of the sensation of pain and about strategies that will show you how to lengthen shortened muscles and help them regain their lost range of motion. It will show you how to deal with contraction sites inside of shortened and overly tensed muscles. 

The website will address potential causes of chronic pain involving the major joints of the body including low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, jaw and temporomandibular joint pain, wrist and hand pain, and shoulder, neck and upper back pain.

Information will be brought to you through monthly Blogs and in a newly published Book.

I hope you will revisit the website each month and read the monthly Blogs. You will have the opportunity to comment and/or ask questions on each Blog. I will be in touch again next month.